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No more The Bill videos on my Youtube channel

Updated 04 September 2017: For some reason, I'm not receiving LJ comment notifications via email anymore. I still check this site for new comments, but if you are a looking for a speedy response to your requests, it'd be best if you contacted me via email ;-)

Updated 07 May 2017: It has now been quite a while since I had to stop uploading The Bill and Casualty to YT, however I still fill requests for both those shows.

You can contact me on youtube (not recommended), here in the comments or via email at hexicode AT gmail DOT com (recommended).

Please note that if you comment without a livejournal (LJ) or Open Access account, your comment will initially be screened (invisible) and you'll have to manually check back for a response. For that reason I recommend either signing up for a free LJ account, use an existing account under the Open Access scheme or, better yet, contact me via email. I don't bite and strive to answer emails quickly :-)

If you want to make it easier for me to fill your request, please indicate the series and episode numbers in addition to the episode title.

If you don't know them, you can easily check and to find out.

While I don't mind the occasional request for something other than The Bill or Casualty episodes, I prefer for you to contact me privately in that case (either via LJ private message if you have an account here or via email). So far this blog has managed to keep a fairly low profile and it'd like it to stay that way so that we'll be able to enjoy it for some time to come.
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Downloading and Watching 'The Bill' on Megaupload and Megavideo

I maintain two lists with links:

  1. One list for episodes uploaded on megaupload, a one-click file hosting service. To watch these episodes, you have to download them to your computer. Download from megaupload is free, although for free users there are certain speed and file size limits.

  2. One list for episodes on megavideo, an online video service. These episodes can be watched online, no download necessary.
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Typing 'The End' under it (not for the first time)

Yeah, I finished Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes for the second time earlier today. I thought it was done once before, in November of last year, but about a week ago as I was editing it, I realized that I hated the ending, so I wrote a new one. Now all the last 3 chapters need is a once over by my trusty beta and they'll be ready to post.

Not sure what will be next, I have several loooong fics partially written but never posted and one complete, medium long unedited fic (this one sucks so much I don't even want to look at it) sitting on my computer.

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NaNoWriMo 2013 and Operation: Earn a Living

I semi-did NaNoWriMo this year and used it only to finish my story from last year and not to write a new 50k word story. So, while I officially didn't 'win', I did finish my RoD story titled Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes. It's already partially posted, but there are still around 30k words left to edit and post. I'm hoping to have it all online by the end of the year.

In a rare piece of rl news, I finally managed to graduate with an MSc in Medicinal Chemistry. That's coming from someone who was genuinely surprised to graduate from high school all those years ago ;-)

Now, I have to figure out what to do next, hence Operation Earn a Living has been put into motion. My main problem is that my health/disability issues basically make most jobs I can think of impossible, so I don't even know where to start looking for one. I'm applying for a medical assessment by the powers that be, but based on everything I've heard/read the process takes ages and the outcome is far from certain. Besides, I don't actually want to spend the rest of my life jobless or in some work project for the disabled.
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Russian Customer Service Hell

Times like this, I really get the impression that some business owners seem to think that customers are pests which must be avoided at all cost.

Right now, I'm close to tearing my hair our over a certain web hosting company. Not only have they been sending me overdue notices even though I'm current on my bills, but they also haven't bothered to respond to my support tickets and emails for close to a week now. It's not like I use their services for fun and giggles, I actually have a reason for using them and thus a vested interest to keep everything working which right now it isn't (hence the support tickets and emails).

The whole thing pissed me, phone!phobic that I am, off enough to make a long distance phone call to the number listed on their website. Now it says there that their staff speaks English, which maybe they do, but I never got as far because, after listening to very loud rock-type music (I guess I was on hold), I got a computer announcement in Russian(?) and that was it. I guess that's offshore hosting for you.
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Another summer, another bout of A/C envy

It's the same in every heat wave, I can't help but envy the folks down the street who own the only house that has A/C in the whole neighborhood ;-) At least this summer, I had the relative wisdom to buy a nice big fan which is actually helping to prevent me from melting while I work at my desk.

Speaking of work, it's dragging on as usual. I can't seem to write more than a few sentences which go through endless rewrites most days. I thought the reading phase of this project was bad, but writing is even worse and I normally love to write (fanfiction that is, I'm rapidly growing to dislike writing non-fiction, especially the scientific kind).

Posting of my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel is in full swing. There seem to be actually a handful of people who are reading it which is making me very happy indeed. I still have to write the ending though. I have maybe 10,000 words written that I haven't posted yet, but I still need to wrap everything up which will be at least another 3,000 words. I know what I'm going to write, the only question is when will I write it. After a day of struggling to get a single paragraph committed to virtual paper, I usually lack the nerve and energy to tackle fannish plot intricacies. On the upside, I have a deadline in two weeks' time, after which I will take a few days off.

Summer TV seems disappointing so far. There are a few things I am/was looking forward to such as Major Crimes and Unforgettable, but among the news shows I have checked out so far (Graceland, King and Maxwell, Dates, Twisted), nothing is so far shaping up to become a hot favourite of mine. But then, I didn't manage to sit through the SGA pilot either and that turned out to be one of my all time faves. For others, like WaT, which overall I adored as well, the pilot was the best episode of the whole show. You just never know.
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The download gods have been kind today

Not only have a managed to obtain Inferno, the new novel by Dan Brown in German (my mom has been bugging me about this ever since it came out), but also the new Star Trek movie in what looks like watchable quality. A nice haul indeed, given that it's only lunch time ;-)

I was contemplating going to the cinema to see that movie, but a) I have been feeling rather rotten the last week or so and b) the nearest dubbing-free movie theater is only reachable by subway + train + bus + a long-ish walk. Given how exhausted I have been feeling, that's simply too much. Plus, I'm really not a fan of public transport even though I don't drive.

In non-download news, I'm working hard to get the handful of The Bill episodes that I'm still missing (mainly episodes from series 11 through 14). Things are looking good.
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Spring is here at last

We're having the first genuinely warm day of the year here today and it's gorgeous. Not so much the BBQ the parentals had today, which is aways kind of strange for me as a mostly raw vegan, but just being outside and soaking up some sun. I didn't get too much done today, it was simply too beautiful to sit in front of a computer (you won't see me write that too often!).

I did work on putting some new(ly downloaded, at any rate) audio plays on my iPod since I finally, purely by accident, rediscovered that software I bought some years back for making single m4b files out of multiple mp3s. With me and audio dramas, it's kinda hit and miss. Sometimes I can't tell the characters apart sufficiently well while half-asleep, other times, it's too noisy (like screaming, battles, car chases, etc.) to fall asleep to, other times I can't really follow the plot or am left wondering what drugs the writers were doing when they wrote it. But every so often, I come across something I really like and will listen to it many evenings in a row. For ages, Paul Temple was my absolute favourite for nightly listening, but recently I have started to listen to the Big Finish Doctor Who audios again after a long break and am really enjoying most of them.

Speaking of Paul Temple, I have finished posting the fic I wrote about it for NaNoWriMo 2011. It hasn't exactly attracted a wealth of reviews (none to be exact), but I'm rather satisfied with it. The plot is somewhat unrealistic, but so are the original works. Still working on finishing my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel. I will get there eventually...