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No more The Bill videos on my Youtube channel

Updated 04 September 2017: For some reason, I'm not receiving LJ comment notifications via email anymore. I still check this site for new comments, but if you are a looking for a speedy response to your requests, it'd be best if you contacted me via email ;-)

Updated 07 May 2017: It has now been quite a while since I had to stop uploading The Bill and Casualty to YT, however I still fill requests for both those shows.

You can contact me on youtube (not recommended), here in the comments or via email at hexicode AT gmail DOT com (recommended).

Please note that if you comment without a livejournal (LJ) or Open Access account, your comment will initially be screened (invisible) and you'll have to manually check back for a response. For that reason I recommend either signing up for a free LJ account, use an existing account under the Open Access scheme or, better yet, contact me via email. I don't bite and strive to answer emails quickly :-)

If you want to make it easier for me to fill your request, please indicate the series and episode numbers in addition to the episode title.

If you don't know them, you can easily check and to find out.

While I don't mind the occasional request for something other than The Bill or Casualty episodes, I prefer for you to contact me privately in that case (either via LJ private message if you have an account here or via email). So far this blog has managed to keep a fairly low profile and it'd like it to stay that way so that we'll be able to enjoy it for some time to come.
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