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Time Flies, I'm Posting and No One Is Reading

The rl project has been done for about a week and I haven't exactly much to show for the time that has elapsed since. I haven't even watched a significant amount of TV (by my standards anyway). The time just disappeared more or less.

I did start posting my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, a Paul Temple fanfiction, and so far, the traffic stats show no readers at all for most chapters. Not that I didn't know this beforehand, what with there being no fandom to speak of, but it still is somewhat depressing to have written a novella-length story and then to see black on white that no one is actually even clicking the link to check it out.

Also, I finally finished the outline for the ending of last years NaNoWriMo novel. I had a moderate case of too many subplots (which were started to make the 50k), but I should manage to tie most of them up with the planned ending. Besides, since I haven't started posting the thing yet, I could still edit the earlier parts to remove the one subplot for which I haven't managed to find a suitable conclusion. Not sure what I'll do yet.
Tags: nanowrimo 2011, nanowrimo 2012, paul temple

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