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Spring is here at last

We're having the first genuinely warm day of the year here today and it's gorgeous. Not so much the BBQ the parentals had today, which is aways kind of strange for me as a mostly raw vegan, but just being outside and soaking up some sun. I didn't get too much done today, it was simply too beautiful to sit in front of a computer (you won't see me write that too often!).

I did work on putting some new(ly downloaded, at any rate) audio plays on my iPod since I finally, purely by accident, rediscovered that software I bought some years back for making single m4b files out of multiple mp3s. With me and audio dramas, it's kinda hit and miss. Sometimes I can't tell the characters apart sufficiently well while half-asleep, other times, it's too noisy (like screaming, battles, car chases, etc.) to fall asleep to, other times I can't really follow the plot or am left wondering what drugs the writers were doing when they wrote it. But every so often, I come across something I really like and will listen to it many evenings in a row. For ages, Paul Temple was my absolute favourite for nightly listening, but recently I have started to listen to the Big Finish Doctor Who audios again after a long break and am really enjoying most of them.

Speaking of Paul Temple, I have finished posting the fic I wrote about it for NaNoWriMo 2011. It hasn't exactly attracted a wealth of reviews (none to be exact), but I'm rather satisfied with it. The plot is somewhat unrealistic, but so are the original works. Still working on finishing my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel. I will get there eventually...
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