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The download gods have been kind today

Not only have a managed to obtain Inferno, the new novel by Dan Brown in German (my mom has been bugging me about this ever since it came out), but also the new Star Trek movie in what looks like watchable quality. A nice haul indeed, given that it's only lunch time ;-)

I was contemplating going to the cinema to see that movie, but a) I have been feeling rather rotten the last week or so and b) the nearest dubbing-free movie theater is only reachable by subway + train + bus + a long-ish walk. Given how exhausted I have been feeling, that's simply too much. Plus, I'm really not a fan of public transport even though I don't drive.

In non-download news, I'm working hard to get the handful of The Bill episodes that I'm still missing (mainly episodes from series 11 through 14). Things are looking good.
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