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Another summer, another bout of A/C envy

It's the same in every heat wave, I can't help but envy the folks down the street who own the only house that has A/C in the whole neighborhood ;-) At least this summer, I had the relative wisdom to buy a nice big fan which is actually helping to prevent me from melting while I work at my desk.

Speaking of work, it's dragging on as usual. I can't seem to write more than a few sentences which go through endless rewrites most days. I thought the reading phase of this project was bad, but writing is even worse and I normally love to write (fanfiction that is, I'm rapidly growing to dislike writing non-fiction, especially the scientific kind).

Posting of my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel is in full swing. There seem to be actually a handful of people who are reading it which is making me very happy indeed. I still have to write the ending though. I have maybe 10,000 words written that I haven't posted yet, but I still need to wrap everything up which will be at least another 3,000 words. I know what I'm going to write, the only question is when will I write it. After a day of struggling to get a single paragraph committed to virtual paper, I usually lack the nerve and energy to tackle fannish plot intricacies. On the upside, I have a deadline in two weeks' time, after which I will take a few days off.

Summer TV seems disappointing so far. There are a few things I am/was looking forward to such as Major Crimes and Unforgettable, but among the news shows I have checked out so far (Graceland, King and Maxwell, Dates, Twisted), nothing is so far shaping up to become a hot favourite of mine. But then, I didn't manage to sit through the SGA pilot either and that turned out to be one of my all time faves. For others, like WaT, which overall I adored as well, the pilot was the best episode of the whole show. You just never know.
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