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Russian Customer Service Hell

Times like this, I really get the impression that some business owners seem to think that customers are pests which must be avoided at all cost.

Right now, I'm close to tearing my hair our over a certain web hosting company. Not only have they been sending me overdue notices even though I'm current on my bills, but they also haven't bothered to respond to my support tickets and emails for close to a week now. It's not like I use their services for fun and giggles, I actually have a reason for using them and thus a vested interest to keep everything working which right now it isn't (hence the support tickets and emails).

The whole thing pissed me, phone!phobic that I am, off enough to make a long distance phone call to the number listed on their website. Now it says there that their staff speaks English, which maybe they do, but I never got as far because, after listening to very loud rock-type music (I guess I was on hold), I got a computer announcement in Russian(?) and that was it. I guess that's offshore hosting for you.
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