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First day of NaNoWriMo 2012

Despite a mountain of a headache and no plot to speak of I managed to write 1816 words today on my NaNo project for this year. And yeah, I decided to abandon all previously made plans and just plunge straight in with a new idea.

I opened my novel with a threatening letter. Who sent it I have no idea, but since threatening letters are rarely signed (at least on TV they aren't), I don't need to know (yet). What is a bit more problematic is that I haven't decided yet who it is addressed to either. Might be the character who found it, might be someone else. Aside from that, the first day also featured a car going over a cliff. That's where I had to do some research to see if there are any cliffs in the area where the story is set, but it appears I'm in luck. (Google is your friend) Why the car went over the cliff is yet to be determined, might be attempted murder or simply driving under the influence. I'm leaning toward the latter at the moment.

All in all, a pretty good first day.
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Yay, a nice day for mail all around

UPS brought The Bill Series 9 and 10 on DVD, the postman brought a sword (long story there) and DPD brought the groceries. I love it when I get mail ;-) Not much going on atm, but I'm enjoying my last two weeks of freedom before rl obligations have me in their grasp again. Still watching lots of TV and reading fanfic. I haven't given up on my three-way crossover, but it's slow going. Right now, I'm spending most of my time in bed reading fanfic on my iPad due to a nasty cold.

NaNoWriMo starts in less than two weeks and I haven't made up my mind yet on participating. Technically, I don't have the time to write a novel (who does...), but I just love the whole atmosphere and community associated with the challenge. Plus, I 'lost' the last couple of times, and I really want to make the 50k mark again eventually. Lat year, I didn't have enough plot and only make it to 30k-ish and the year before my plot was so complex that not even I could keep track and the year before that, I tried my hand at a Western and found out that I know nothing about the Old West :-/ If I do participate this year, I might reboot my crossover and start again from scratch, or I might try my hands at a Blue Bloods story. At least those are my ideas at the moment.
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So what's with the lack of internet fun?

The lack of uploads, fics, blog posts and other internet shenanigans is mostly due my health not playing along. Things haven't been very good this summer and my disability has been biting more than usual. I'm already dreading the end of my break in early November when I'll have actual real life work again. Currently, I'm marathoning old TV episodes, checking out new shows (new to me at least) and catching up with previous seasons in anticipation of the US TV season premieres in about a week's time. Thank god for the Episoder App on iPad, otherwise, I'd never be able to keep track of all the shows I watch ;-).

Speaking of TV shows, I'm still on the fence about Doctor Who. I loved the old skool episodes and watched the new ones until about three years in, at which point, I sort of lost interest. I didn't dislike the new ones, I even wrote a few completed fics and plenty of unfinished fics, but as with almost all shows, my interest tends to come and go. I watch a show for a while, then stop. There are a few shows that I tend to come back to over and over like Stargate (SG-1 and SGA) and the original CSI, but most shows I only watch for a while, even though their run might be much longer. I still haven't gotten past season 3 of House for example, save for the odd later episode.

Fic writing is definitely on ice right now, although I had a wave of inspiration the other day when I couldn't sleep. Problem is I couldn't find my outline and had already forgotten most of the intricacies of that plot of that particular story. Well, it will turn up again, provided I actually wrote it (I'm not so sure anymore) and wasn't just outlining it in my head.

I did get some exciting reading material in the post yesterday - all 3 volumes of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes. I already browsed through some of the stories yesterday and it's fascinating.
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Done with the proofreading and feeling done in

Not sure what's wrong, but I'm feeling rather listless. I'm done with that editing/proofreading project and already got paid, but even though I now have time for all sorts of fannish things, I am not doing any of them. Or almost, I did upload a couple of videos to sockshare and posted series 7 of The Bill on xtremetv the other day, but that is about that extent of my non-rl achievements. Not that the rl list, which I won't bother you with, looks so much better. I honestly can't say that I'm busy right now. Just lethargic. If I don't get back into that cross-over fic, it's never going to get written.
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Drive-by site rec: (free online dictionary and vocab trainer)

Just realized how much I rely on the vocab trainer on when it wasn't working yesterday. While I do use other online dictionaries as well, this is my favourite, mainly because a) it covers a lot of the languages I'm studying and b) I can save the words I look up. I've never really used the study function of the vocab trainer. Not because it is no good, but because I can usually recall the meaning of a new word after looking it once ;-) The free iOS app for the vocab trainer is pretty decent as well, although kind of fiddle-y on the iPad. It doesn't have look-up function, so it's of limited use to me, but if you're using the study function, you can do so on the go.
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The finish line is in sight (and the fic is back on track)

At the present rate, I'll finish with my editing/proofreading work on Tuesday. Still no idea how much it is going to pay, but as far as I've heard, payment will be involved.
The three-way crossover fic I'm writing is back on track, plotting-wise at least. I had to tweak the original plot a bit, but I like things much better now and don't feel stuck anymore. Some scenes already written will need revising though, but nothing major.
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All work and no play (okay, so I'm watching TV right now)

Still no new progress on that gigantic three-way crossover fic that I'm writing. Right now the editing/proof-reading job is my top priority (and it better pay with the amount of time I'm spending on it!), so fannish stuff once again has to wait. I do hope to get in some wordage later today, but my head is protesting already at the workload.

To soothe it and get away from it all, I'm watching NCIS in Spanish. It's awful how much I've forgotten over the years. Unless of course, I was never as good as I thought I was, but I did attend class occasionally while I was staying in Peru, so I can't have been totally ignorant. Now that I think about it, I once even wrote a fanfic in Spanish. Granted it wasn't very long, a short missing scene, if I recall right, but still...I wouldn't be able to pull that off these days. Not even badly :-/
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Not just a pointless post about the weather (but almost!)

It's finally cooled down to the point where it's bearable. It also started raining yesterday evening and hasn't stopped since. Not that I need to worry about the place flooding. It would take a flood of Biblical proportions for the nearest stream to swell to a point where it would pose a threat since not only is it tiny, it also is way downhill from where I live. It generally doesn't flood around here, although a few years back they did have some flooding in an underground parking garage in town.

Now for more interesting news, I think I found a decent video hosting service in Sockshare. Have been using it for a short while now and have not had any problems with videos being removed. Processing time is also acceptable as are the conditions for free users. I haven't had as much luck with a download hosting service yet, as most either have small file size restrictions or are impractical for free users. But I'll keep looking.

Not much progress with my fannish projects, namely fic writing, but I'll keep at it. The plot bunnies are rather rabid right now and I have enough ideas to last me well into next year. Maybe a few of them will actually pan out ;-) I have embarked on a personal July Challenge in an attempt to finally get traction on some of projects that I have been dragging my feet with and might just add writing a certain number of words per day to the challenge elements.
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Another year without A/C

No one said so yet, but I'm sure this qualifies as a heatwave. For days it has gotten hotter and hotter and today, even though it is just past 9 a.m., I already feel like I'm about to melt. Part of the problem is my computer which spits out heat like crazy, but even without that it's more than warm enough for me.

In order to keep busy during my break, I started a new fic, a three-way cross-over between SG-1, SGA and NCIS LA. I haven't worked out all the kinks in the plot yet, but it's coming along nicely so far. In view of the heat, I have resorted to writing on my iPad, using an external keyboard. Aside from emitting less heat, I also discovered that it keeps me from procrastinating so much while writing, which is always a good thing :-)

Also took a private editing job, which might or might not pay, to pass the time. Having foreign language skills does come in handy sometimes! Although as an aside I really need to work on my Spanish a little more often. I've gotten quite rusty over the years.
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Yay, those The Bill DVDs arrived!

My copies of The Bill Series 7 and 8 on DVD arrived yesterday afternoon. I had to pay some import tax, but not as much as expected. All in all, I'm a very happy camper right now, even though it turns out that I won't be going to Hong Kong for Bro's wedding after all. A recent problem with my disability benefits has also been resolved - got the letter today. I still won't be able to afford a wedding gift for Bro, unless it's something I can just download ;-) Will have to do some thinking there.

Only thing marring my TV bliss slightly is CBS's cancellation of Unforgettable (that is unless it is picked up by another channel). Granted, most episodes were fairly predictable, but I happen to have a soft spot for the lead actress. She used to be my fave fake blonde on TV a few years back when she was on Without a Trace.